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WEECLIX Short URL Cloaking Service

  • Shrink Those long URLs;
  • cloak your affiliate links, "buy it now!" Urls and also track clicks;
  • redirects statistic: timing, referring sites, IP addresses;
  • easy marketing: your visitors\' country, ZIP, referring pages;
  • set temporary download links and protect them with password;
  • more privacy - hide your affiliate URLs from search engines and bots.

Best news of all: This short URL Cloaking service is completely free to use you don\'t even have to register to use all of it\'s functionality (except URLs editing). Furthermore unlike other redirection services we DO NOT put ads in your redirects as well All Affiliate networks are welcome to use our service.

So Why Register?


If you want to edit or delete your short URLs you have to register (or login if you already registered).

Short URL Browser Addon:

Drag this link Shrink It onto your browser\'s toolbar to have instant "short URL" button. This will make it super easy to shrink your Url